NHBC publishes Cellulose based building materials report

The NHBC (National House Building Council) has published a research review on the use of Cellulose materials in buildings.

The full report can be accessed via their website. You will need to register to see the report.

Report extract below:
Cellulose Based Building Materials (NF55)
Interest and awareness about the embodied energy associated with the production, use and disposal of construction materials remains topical, resulting in traditional cellulose-based building materials such as thatch, cob, hemp and lime, or straw bales being re-examined as potential low impact building materials, products and systems.

This report provides a brief history of cellulose-based building materials, and reviews the current developments in their use. It looks at the use and performance issues of such materials, examining the potential benefits and associated risks - informing the debate and resulting in a better understanding about the use of low impact building materials. In addition, the report also provides examples of recent projects built in the UK.

The broad aims of the report are to:
Clarify the nature and role of cellulose-based building materials
Review current developments
Describe the major factors to consider when using cellulose materials.

Above extracts with thanks to the NHBC