ModCell® CEO, Craig White, asked to comment by 'The Times' newspaper on the 2012 budget.

"What the entrepreneurs have to say"

‘We can lead the way in the new low carbon economy'

Employment 2,055,000
Sector Turnover £107bn
Contribution to GDP 7.1%

Craig White is the chief executive of ModCell®, based in Bristol, which produces environmentally friendly construction systems. He welcomes the Chancellor’s support for Green Businesses. “I am optimistic that it will help the UK lead the way in the new low carbon economy,” he said.

Mr White hopes to benefit from the Green Investment Bank, which the Government is to launch, and also from support for exporters, but he is concerned that the funding may be directed towards larger companies.  
“I would like to see investment going to towards smaller companies, which are growing fast and creating jobs. It is easier for large companies to speak to Government and harder for small and medium sized enterprises like ours to engage, but we are more agile.”
    He does not think that he will benefit from Mr Osborne’s promise to expand the Get Britain Building Fund to provide more up-front finance to builders but welcomes the continued support through R&D Tax Credits.


Orginal article appeared in "The Times" newspaper on the 22nd of March 2012