TAM used as Eco-hostel by Coexist

As part of Coexists proposed community acquisition of Bristols, iconic, Hamilton House, from existing owners Connolly & Callaghan, Coexist have chosen to use the ModCell TAM as part of their bid, which involves the creation of a new Eco-hostel on top of the existing roof of the building. The hostels will provide 100 beds over a mix of private rooms and dormitory as well as a communal kitchen, roof garden and new co-operatively owned Solar panels. The money generated by the hostel will secure the investment needed to create a new rooftop garden and fund other improvements to Hamilton House.

Coexist is not the only bidder interested in taking ownership of Hamilton House; as a prime site in central Bristol it is ripe for residential development from a number of sources. Given the nature of the project as it stands and the deeply felt passion inherent in Coexist to secure the space for community use, our purchase bid; which has been lovingly researched and collectively re-visioned over the last five months aims to further the original aspirations of 2008.

It includes a pioneering new energy renewal system, the installation of a cutting edge ModCell TAM straw-bale constructed eco-hostel on our roof (complete with amazing views!), to support the community who visit and attend the diverse array of events and activities which take place in the building and beyond, the development of a new creche facility to support freelancers (with a pilot programme about to be launched following a successful funding bid) and the relocation of our Wellbeing facility to enable easier access to all, as well as an overall refocus and reenergising of Coexists outreach, collaboration and partnership work throughout the city.

ModCell TAM platform

The ModCell TAM platform is brought to market by ModCell, White Design and Coobio. White Design is a leading architectural practice, ModCell makes prefabricated building systems and Coobio is a renewable materials innovation company. This combination has created a new and innovative housing platform.

Coobio’s compressed straw board combined with ModCell’s experience in prefabrication is the basis for a new form of sustainable construction. White Design’s innovative architectural design solutions all comply with the Caravan Act.

The ModCell TAM Platform allows for the development of a number of brands appropriate for the affordable homes market, urban developments and high-end boutique markets. The system meets current building regulation energy standards as well as Passivhaus levels of performance. The floor, walls, partitions and roof uses the same design platform providing excellent economies of scale. The look and feel of a TAM is not determined by the platform allowing specifiers to choose the cladding options to suit local context, design preferences and budget.

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Coexist - Hamilton House bid

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