Making & opening of ModCell TAM

The video shows the making and the launch of the ModCell TAM, an affordable, rapid-response housing solution that respects people and the planet.

The launch of the prototype took place in Bristol on the 7th of September 2017 at the Filwood Community Centre, the site of the first TAM to be built.

Designed as a new housing model that provides places for people to live, whatever their household income, the TAM is also one of the most environmentally friendly building types in Europe, combining the best of high-quality, low-energy design with innovative use of renewable materials.

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Video by Griot Creative

Part of the Bristol ‘We Can Make’ initiative, ModCell TAM offers:

A flexible, environmentally-friendly home, tailored to your needs, that you can move into within months of placing your order.

A housing unit that makes the most of small sites in ways that other solutions can't match.

A solution that can be bought, part-owned, leased or rented individually or in multiples for larger families and larger sites.

A healthy home that can change with your needs, with the potential to be combined with extra units and transported to different sites.